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Recently in California, legislation passed that requires a new brand of sex ed: Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE).  The name sounds good, but we believe that many parents (once they understand what CSE includes) will be opposed to most of the curricula currently being considered by their school districts.  Parents have a right to know what their children are being taught at school; and, it is our intention to shed some light on this very important issue so parents will feel compelled to encourage their districts to create a sex ed curriculum in which they would be happy for their children to participate -- one that emphasizes the importance of abstinence, is science-based, medically accurate, and age-appropriate. 

All districts in California are required to teach CSE once in middle school and again in high school (as per The California Healthy Youth Act). But, in many schools across our state, CSE begins in kindergarten.

We invite you to JOIN "UP" in an effort to get informed, spread the word, and make a difference. And, wherever possible, we invite you to start your own United Parents group. Contact us for more information.

Disclaimer: Although we are beginning to share our logo with with many new United Parents groups in California, we each operate independently and are alone responsible for the content found on our websites and social media platforms.


We’ve created a PowerPoint that illustrates: 1) What CHYA is, 2) How it became law, 3) The intention of this law, 4) Samples of “approved” curricula and resources, and 5) What parents can do. This is a great resource/tool to use to educate friends and neighbors about CHYA. Please consider holding your own Townhall or Cottage Meeting to educate parents about what their children may be learning in school and feel free to use any resources you find on this site.


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