Prager U Video: Sex Matters

We share videos like this one from Prager U because they simply and clearly illustrate our objections to teaching children that their gender falls on a spectrum and can be anything they wish it to be. We understand the pressure school districts are under to comply with the ACLU’s interpretation of the new law (the California Healthy Youth Act).  In many cases they are allowing themselves to be bullied into suppressing common sense and science and using their sex ed curriculum to promote this ideology.  At the very least, we urge school districts to present this new concept as an emerging theory -- not as a fact supported by science (which it is not).

Gender is Defined by Our Biology

In a recent article written by David Marcus, a writer for The Federalist, he explains the Trump Administration’s latest effort to officially define gender by one’s biology. This is encouraging news. The American Family Association has organized a letter-writing campaign to help us SPEAK UP in support of this. We encourage you to take 20 seconds to fill out your information and send in a note of support.

Click on image to see entire article

Click on image to see entire article

Brown University Censors Gender Dysmorphia Study

It's stunning that a university which claims to be "committed to academic freedom" and asserts that "diversity and inclusion is central to Brown's mission" would hide its own study. They defended their decision to withdraw this study's findings because "community members complained that the study's results were anti-transgender youth".  It's tempting to editorialize, but we'll let this article speak for itself.


Gender Identity: Why All the Confusion?

This short video, produced by Prager U, is a very good explanation about why we need to speak UP about what is obvious to children, but not so obvious to enlightened adults:  men and women are different. And, rather than create an unlimited spectrum of possible genders, wouldn't it be better to teach children that no matter their sex, they can pursue any dream, any interest, any occupation, and still identify as a boy or a girl?

Born That Way?

“Comprehensive Sexuality Education” curricula promote the theory that gender is fluid (non-binary) and that identifying as a gender other than ones’ biological sex is normal. And, although most youth who identify as Trangender in their teens will embrace their biological sex by the time they reach their 30’s (according the American Academy of Pediatrics), this information is not shared.

We acknowledge that some people are born as LGBTQ; however, to be fully inclusive and respectful of everyone's experiences we must also acknowledge that social environmental factors play a role for many in the LGBTQ community.  In addition, we believe it’s important to teach children that their identity as a human being is so much more than their sex.

 The following paper is an objective analysis of the current science behind the question, “Am I born this way?”

(Open or download the PDF)

The Genderbread Person

The Genderbread Person is a concept to which many Sexuality Risk Reduction curricula refer.  This short video (2:23) explains this concept of gender fluidity.  We would propose a better solution:  teach boys that it's ok to be a boy and enjoy ballet; and teach girls that it's ok to be a girl and like trucks.  

Sex, Gender and Identity

Comprehensive Sexuality Education curricula promote unconventional theories regarding gender — theories that have not been scientifically proven.  It is our position that theory should never be taught as fact to our young, impressionable children for the same reasons we don’t promote any one group’s religion in our schools.  People simply have different belief systems that need to be respected.  

Regarding sexual orientations and identities we can all agree that people of all genders and sexual orientations, of all religions and nationalities, of all abilities and handicaps need to be treated with respect; teaching children the importance of this is something on which we can all agree.  We also happen to agree with the most current science on the topic — that gender is binary, not fluid.  

We have included this video because it is a thorough and fair introduction to the issue and explains why we are opposed to our children being taught the gender-fluidity philosophy.  If you're short on time, a good synopsis begins at the 34-minute mark.

(The video can be viewed directly on the Vimeo site by anyone, if it is not playing here on our site)