ACLU vs. Clovis Unified School District (Abstinence-Only Curriculum)

Forces have been fighting against districts teaching children about abstinence for a long time.  In  2003, the ACLU sued the Clovis Unified School District because they were teaching an abstinence-only curriculum.  We do not promote an abstinence-only curriculum; we acknowledge the value of teaching older children about contraception and STI’s, but we do promote curricula that emphasize the value of abstinence for a child’s emotional and physical health, no matter their sexual orientation or preferences.

Because of the ACLU's meddling with local control in our school districts, our board members are understandably reluctant to teach anything that has not been endorsed by the ACLU, and the like. This is one reason our board members need to know that they have the full support of their community in choosing curriculums that are not formally approved by these non-governmental organizations. 

When the ACLU doesn't approve of what a school district teaches regarding CSE, lawsuits can follow.