CSE in Tucson, AZ

Rights, Respect, and Responsibility is a Comprehensive Sexuality Education curriculum that was recently implemented in the Sunnyside Unified School district in Tucson, AZ.  This curriculum has also been promoted by our own Califonia Department of Education (CDE) on the website ASHWG.org.  This curriculum, and all others that have been deemed compliant (or somewhat compliant) by the CDE all promote the early sexualization of our children, and promote the philosophy that gender is not binary, but is fluid and ever changing.

The Capistrano Unified School district was considering a similar curriculum called Teen Talk.  But, fortunately, they have agreed to take into consideration the views of parents who object to this philosophy and are working to craft a curriculum that complies with the letter of the new law while not offending the value systems of the majority of parents who reside within this district.