Oceanside Parents Need Our Help

Over the last several months, concerned parents in Oceanside have succeeded in working with their Trustees to remove many objectionable lessons from their selected Comprehensive Sexuality Education curriculum, Rights, Respect and Responsibility, a curriculum like Teen Talk that is being promoted by the California Department of Education through their website ASHWG.org

Unlike Teen Talk, this 3R's curriculum is designed for grades K-12 and many parents are understandably unhappy about the early subjection of their youth to topics like sex methods, masturbation and gender fluidity, to name three.  In the sixth grade 3R's curriculum, students are encouraged to log on to scarleteen.com to get answers to their questions about sex.  They are encouraged to do homework assignments on sexetc.org and amaze.org where they can play fun games to learn about condoms and masturbation. 

We have been asked by parent networks in Oceanside to help them get 2500 signatures on a petition that will be sent to their Board of Trustees asking them to authorize Comprehensive Sexuality Education for middle school and high school age children only (as mandated by law). Parents in Oceanside helped parents in the San Diego Unified School District with a similar petition and now they're reaching out to networks like ours for help.

Let's step UP and speak UP!  If we don't . . . our opinions won't matter. One does not have to be a resident of Oceanside to sign their petition.  

Sign the petition here!