CSE Not Just a California Problem

The Salt Lake Tribune published an article by Heather Ells, a student at Maple Mountain High School, that explains the objections many people have with Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE), as it is currently packaged and promoted. The majority of students and parents simply do not want more graphic, sexually explicit curricula to be taught in our schools to our children.  It's as simple as that. 

Parents who approve of CSE have the right to share this type of information with their own children, but they do not have the right to force my children to be exposed to the same lessons which smack of ideology rather than science and are, in the eyes of most, completely age-inappropriate.  

My children.  My choice.  Makes sense, right?  Well, in California our school districts don't have a choice whether or not they can choose to incorporate a CSE curriculum into their middle schools an high schools.  The California Healthy Youth Act took away that right.  So, parents need to engage their Trustees in a constructive dialogue regarding the best way forward.  How to comply with the law and still maintain a curriculum that is dignified, age-appropriate, and science-based is a question that can be answered and solved if good people stand together and take time to think creatively.

In coming weeks, we will share with you an analysis of several good curricula that focus on abstinence and how close they come to compliance.  Perhaps the solution for some districts is to adopt a curriculum like one of these and simply add a few supplemental lessons to bring the program into compliance.  Solutions are out there.