Update on Oceanside -- Parents CAN Make a Difference

We've already told you about the success parents have had in Oceanside as they have STEPPED UP to speak against the unnecessarily explicit sex ed curricula their district was planning to implement beginning in Kindergarten.  Below is an update.  

The lesson is . . . if we stand together . . . if we WAKE UP, STEP UP and SPEAK UP . . . we CAN make a big difference.  And, our efforts are not for our own children only.  Critics claim that we should mind our own business and simply "opt [our] children out if [we] don't like it." Yes, we may do that if our curriculum ends up being graphic, salacious, and based on ideology.  But, unfortunately, the great majority of parents simply don't have the time to be involved in issues like this.  They are busy going to work and taking care of their families.  They trust that the schools are doing right by their children and would never dream that their children would be subjected to the content that is found in so many of the currently available CSE curricula.

Most parents will never know that this was ever an issue.  But, we will know.  Please stand with us as we continue to have a positive influence on the direction our school districts take in teaching our children (and their friends) only what is necessary, medically accurate, and age-appropriate. And, even more importantly, talk to your kids.  Help them understand who they really are and what it means to be a part of the human family.