To Sit Out or Not to Sit Out


We have received many inquiries about the upcoming national Sexx Ed Sit Out, happening on February 19th. People want to know what we think about it. Are we going to participate? Are we going to promote it? The short answer is, no. Not this time around.

As many of you will recall, we held our first United Parents meeting to inform parents about Comprehensive Sexuality Education and what that might mean for their families one year ago, on the day of the very first organized National Sexx Ed Sit Out. Rather than participate in that Sit Out, we decided to, instead, teach people the truth about what was happening, specific to the Capistrano Unified School District (CUSD).

You see, at that point, our Trustees had decided to reject Teen Talk (a curriculum that offends the values and goals held by many families in our district) in favor of working with parents to create a better solution. And, we were grateful. So, although the Sexx Ed Sit Out wasn’t designed to be a criticism of local leaders — but as a message for legislators in Sacramento — we thought that our participation might send the wrong signal. So, we decided to focus our time and energy on the process of creating a better Sex Ed Curriculum through cooperative work with Trustees and District staff.

A year has now come and gone. Several United Parents members had the privilege of sitting on the CUSD Sex Ed Task force, organized to oversee the development of a better Sex Ed Curriculum. We weren’t given very much to do, but we provided data, opinions, and studies to support our views. At the end of the Summer, we reviewed their work product and offered more suggestions. Some were accepted. Most were not.

It became clear to us that there are two fundamental differences of opinion which are so far apart that building a bridge to span that chasm has been very difficult. One group believes that we owe it to our children to teach them the value of delaying sex until marriage — both in the short and long term. The other group believes that there is nothing wrong with pre-marital sex and that it’s our obligation as adults to see to it that kids are made aware of all the ways they can protect themselves during every possible sexual activity. In a nutshell, that’s pretty much it.

Our dialogue with the district and Trustees is ongoing. Today, we delivered to the Trustees a thorough but concise document, outlining our objections and solutions for continued improvement. We will post those suggestions here TOMORROW.

The Trustees will vote on a the newly proposed Sex Ed Curriculum on February 27th. That gives us just a few more days to affect positive change. On FRIDAY we will be sending a link to a petition we hope you will sign to let our Trustees know what we expect a Sex Ed Curriculum to teach our children — and what we expect that it will not teach. Please sign it, and forward it along to your friends. This may be our last opportunity to SPEAK UP on this issue.