February 27th BOARD MEETING REVIEW Capistrano Unified School District

Many have asked about the February 27th CUSD Board Meeting. The District’s draft Comprehensive Sexual Education curriculum, which is still riddled with bias, and inappropriate content for twelve and thirteen year old children, was on the docket for adoption. The great majority of the over 30 speakers (about a third of whom were middle and high school students currently enrolled in CUSD schools) petitioned the board to briefly delay approval so that these problems could be adequately addressed. 

Sadly, despite articulate, persuasive and substantial opposition from the community, the CUSD board voted 6-1 to approve the deeply-flawed curriculum. Only Trustee Jim Reardon had the courage to vote “no.”

It was extraordinary to listen to so many articulate young people explain to adults the vital importance of including topics like the value of abstinence and the dangers of pornography in the sex ed curriculum. It was equally stunning to witness six trustees vote in favor of this proposed curriculum anyway, as if they didn’t hear a word that was said.  

Clearly, minds had been made up long before they entered the board room. The six trustees’ actions call into question the seriousness of their stated commitments to listen to, consider and fairly represent the views and best interests of our community and its citizens. It also undermines the value of the open comment portion of these meetings, making it appear that they are largely for show, a way to mislead the electorate into believing that their voices actually matter.

Our takeaway from this experience? Quite simply, if you really want to make a difference in our schools, take time to meet with your trustees long before the board meetings happen. Better yet, find, recruit and support candidates with the wisdom, courage and integrity to accept the challenge and responsibility of real leadership and to replace those board members who are not standing up for our children and representing our community’s views.

The father of one of the young speakers recorded his daughter’s speech.  We have reposted it here so you can get a flavor of the messages that these brave young people presented, as well as feel some hope for the future as we see the courage and caliber of the youths who spoke out for themselves and their peers.

Click on image to see video on Facebook

Click on image to see video on Facebook