Health Education Framework Available for Public Comment -- Until June 29th, 2018

Although the deadline for public review has passed, you my find it interesting to learn more about what the California Department of Education is promoting through the Health Education Framework. For a list of common objections to this Framework, held by people who share traditional values, click HERE (thanks go to Eric Buehrer from Gateways to Better Education for sharing this analysis). Another recently noticed objection found within this new Framework is this:

Chapter 5 - Grades 7-8 Health Framework Draft 2019

Some students may be non-monogamous and the term "partner(s)" may also be used to be more inclusive.p. 31.  

The definition of this is Polyamory and is now considered and taught to be yet another acceptable sexual orientation.

POLYAMORY - practice of, desire to, or orientation toward having consensual non-monogamous relationships (i.e. relationships that may include multiple partners).  This may include open relationships, polyfidelity (which involves more than two people being in romantic and/or sexual relationships which is not open to additional partners), amongst many other set-ups.

This screenshot shows the content you need to pay attention to on the Framework page:

Click HERE  to see this page on the CDE website.

Click HERE to see this page on the CDE website.