Public Comment for the Revised DRAFT 2019 Health Education Framework

The first 60-day public comment and review period took place from April 2018 through June 2018, and the second 60-day public comment and review period is scheduled to take place from November 1, 2018, through January 11, 2019. The public review and comment period is an opportunity for any interested individuals or organizations to provide comments and suggested edits on the draft Health Education Framework to the Instructional Quality Commission (IQC).

This last Spring, United Parents joined with many other organizations throughout California to take advantage of this opportunity to have our voices heard. Many of us reviewed and agreed with the concerns shared by Eric Beuhrer (Gateways to Better Education) and simply cut-and-pasted his recommendations into our own documents to save time. Unfortunately, it appears that whenever identical language was identified, those submissions may have been lumped together as if sent by the same person, rather than from hundreds of individuals who agreed with Eric’s analysis.

If all you have is 30 minutes . . . give 30 minutes. Here’s what you do:

  1. Click on the chapter links (in green below) that concern you most and to search for certain words that may be concerning to you (words like: gender, sex, condom, oral, anal, etc.), use “CTRL-F” for PC or “Show Find & Replace” for Mac.

  2. Read the paragraph(s) where those words are found and determine if you would like to make a recommendation.

  3. Record your suggestions/objections onto the Word document titled: “Public Input Template” which you will need to download. Recommendations should be specific, and include suggestions for alternative wording (or deletion). Do not preach or complain.

  4. Fill out the Public Input Template document as a Microsoft Word file (.DOC or .DOCX), and submit it via email to

Hopefully, our voices will be heard this time around. Our goal is to enlist the help of 10,000 people. We hope you will join with us and SPEAK UP!


Make your voice heard -- SPEAK UP!

Although the CUSD staff has been directed by the Board of Trustees to craft a Sex Ed curriculum that is more in line with the wishes of parents in our district, that newly proposed curriculum will not be available for parent review until November 2018.  A lot can happen between now and then. So, please continue to reach out to the Trustees, sharing with them your concerns and thanks for choosing to take our district in this direction.  We all hope that the curriculum CUSD creates will be one other districts will want to emulate because of overwhelming parental support.

Click HERE for a list of the CUSD Trustees' email addresses.

And, click HERE to see a sample letter we like that is reasonable, cooperative in tone, and informed. The letter is part of a post titled: "Why We Aren't Fans of the OPT OUT". Letters do not need to be this long -- in fact, it's probably best that they be on the shorter side.  Use your own words. Speak your own mind. And, don't forget to thank the Board for taking time to listen and act on behalf of the people they represent.

Share what you know with others -- STEP UP!

Your voice is important, but it will be amplified when others speak with you. Please JOIN UP so you can receive weekly updates to content and other important information.  And, share our website with your friends so they can learn what you now know -- if many stand together we can make a difference.

How to Bring a Better Sex Ed Curriculum to Your District

The folks at Ascend have created a wonderful Parent Toolkit that clearly explains what a parent can do to affect positive change in their school district regarding sex education policy and curriculum.

If we WAKE UP (learn all we can about the issue), STEP UP (share what we know with our friends), and SPEAK UP (share our concerns and ideas for solutions to school board members), we WILL make a difference.