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Although the CUSD staff has been directed by the Board of Trustees to craft a Sex Ed curriculum that is more in line with the wishes of parents in our district, that newly proposed curriculum will not be available for parent review until November 2018.  A lot can happen between now and then. So, please continue to reach out to the Trustees, sharing with them your concerns and thanks for choosing to take our district in this direction.  We all hope that the curriculum CUSD creates will be one other districts will want to emulate because of overwhelming parental support.

Click HERE for a list of the CUSD Trustees' email addresses.

And, click HERE to see a sample letter we like that is reasonable, cooperative in tone, and informed. The letter is part of a post titled: "Why We Aren't Fans of the OPT OUT". Letters do not need to be this long -- in fact, it's probably best that they be on the shorter side.  Use your own words. Speak your own mind. And, don't forget to thank the Board for taking time to listen and act on behalf of the people they represent.

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